Industrial Doors and Shutters for Sea, coastal or maritime applications

Saltwater is highly corrosive, causing metal to deteriorate far faster than freshwater.  Corrosion from the sea can cause irreversible and expensive damage to doors and shutters subjected to these difficult environments. 

Protection against these harsh conditions is vital to extend the life of your doors. Hart industrial doors and shutters are especially hard-wearing, engineered for endurance, and can be customised to protect them from the extreme conditions and highly corrosive environments these locations bring.  

Additional features offering protection against the elements

  • Stainless steel  
  • Hart manufactured wind locks give high wind resistance 
  • Protective covers to seal components 
  • IP rated electrical equipment 
  • Heaters to control humidity and moisture
  • C3, C4 and marine-grade paint  

Our doors and shutters are manufactured in Britain and tested and certified to the highest standards.  All our products can be delivered and installed internationally.

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