Hart Door Systems

Speedor Conveyor Door

High speed conveyor door systems for airports and industry

This revolutionary high speed conveyor door is perfectly suited for specialist applications such as high frequency conveyor belt systems, providing security and safety between the public area and baggage system mechanics.

The conveyor system closure can be fully integrated with the conveyor system, together with all relevant inputs and outputs equipped to deal with any requirement.

Operating at high speed, normally 1 metre per second, and designed for exceptionally high cycle frequency.

Standard operational cycle requirement would be 60 cycles per hour in normal use, with high cycle requirement of 180 cycles per hour.

Additional security and fire protection is available such as those we supplied to King Abdul Aziz Airport Jeddah and Heathrow and Baghdad as well as others.

Cyclic test completed at Hart production facility to over 2,500,000 cycles within a 3 month period.


  • Conveyor Systems
  • Baggage Handling
  • Check in Areas


  • Security
  • Area Separation
  • High Frequency Operation

Product Options

  • Solenoid locking
  • Fire and/or smoke prevention
  • Plug and play connections to BHS / BMS
  • Bespoke design to suit restricted envelopes on site
  • Fabric options, materials and colour
  • Pre-assembled on frame option which allows door to be fully commissioned on a self supporting frame prior to leaving production facility. This minimizes site installation time and therefore doors can be connected to power / controls and be fully functional immediately.