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Roller Shutters 75mm Convex Lath

Steel convex interlocking galvanised lath roller shutters traditional multi-purpose, economic, strong, long lasting, easy repair and available as simple Press Button operation. Increased specifications options include , paint colour finishes, stainless, automatic, high speed, all up to max 10m x 10m


  • Factories
  • Production Lines
  • Storage/Distribution warehouses
  • Laboratories
  • Chemical Plant
  • Power Stations
  • Industrial Buildings


  • Security
  • Compartmentalisation
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable
  • Simple

Product Options

  • Optional wind lock guides available for wind resistance class 5
  • Three Phase heavy duty motor for operation
  • Single phase for smaller sizes
  • Safedrive or Safety Brake anti-fall to comply with machinery directive 2008.
  • Strong, secure and reliable
  • Very good wind resistance.
  • Sizes up to 10m (dependant on location)
  • Choice of operators including push button, security key switch or automatic controlled.
  • Optional Plastisol coated or Powder coat finish
  • Optional hood and motor hood covers and flashings
  • Optional ATEX compliance