Hart Door Systems

Typhoon Security Shutters

This high security and wind resistant shutter is designed to comply with the current British and EEC safety regulations. Optional specification levels can be varied to meet any special operational requirements.

With a history of developing our own range of advanced industrial doors, demand from South East Asia led us to develop the Typhoon security shutter which can withstand wind speeds of circa 165mph.

The shutter was tested in a steel cage adequate for the pressures, retaining a flexible pressure vessel with a 8m wide and 2.5m high shutter for testing, we were able to sustain pressures at 5050 pascals, equivalent to the pressures generated by a Typhoon blowing at around 165mph.

Constructed from 85 x 25 double skin interlocking galvanised steel sections and retained at ends by a mix of nylon and steel wind end locks.

The door curtain is made up from an insulated lath section giving a thermal insulation value of 0.69w/m.sq.k across the lath section and an acoustic value reduction of 18db across the lath section.

This shutter has an enhanced guide channel like our Terror Screen SR3 rated shutter with restraining plates around the guide channel, heavier gauge curtain and Hart manufactured wind locks. This door is perfect for areas with high winds where high security is essential.


  • Government Buildings
  • Banks
  • Museum
  • Buildings with high-value contents
  • Military Installations
  • Detention Centres
  • Prisons
  • Airports
  • Data Centres
  • Security Risk Control Buildings


  • Wind Resistance to EN 12424 Wind Class 5
  • Enhanced design to meet minimum pressure resistance of 4,000 Pa
  • Enhanced guide channel
  • Restraining plates around guide channel
  • Heavy gauge curtain
  • Re-enforced Hart manufactured wind locks

Product Options

  • Locking options available
  • Choice of colours and finish
  • Lock status signal options
  • Hood covers
  • Choice of operators
  • Infills and Flashings