January 04, 2022

We have recently installed a pair of high-speed Speedor Storm doors at a major manufacturing/recycling plant in the Midlands. The plant, which annually supplies over 275,000 tonnes of polythene products, also recycles over 95,000 tonnes of UK waste from industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic sources.

Train-care depot gets new Hart roller shutters

March 01, 2022

This large rail depot in Wimbledon demonstrates investment necessary for the integration of the rail with city life providing essential maintenance to keep the network moving.

Seven Storms Solution

February 01, 2022

Working for a major online retailer, Hart Door Systems has installed seven of its successful Speedor Storm doors at a high-volume distribution facility.

Doors contract for helicopter company completes

April 25, 2022

Hart Doors has completed an installation of five Speedor Minis, the high-performance interior roller door that delivers higher operating speeds than traditional sectional doors or roller shutters. The client is an international manufacturer of helicopters.

New Shutters Following Storm Damage

May 05, 2022

Hart Door Systems has completed the installation of five steel shutters on a major Northumberland grain silo which had suffered significant damage on its existing shutters caused by storm Arwen.

Hart Doors reveals its super- advanced security shutter

May 12, 2022

With a history of developing its own range of advanced industrial doors such as its Speedor high-speed doors, demand from South East Asia has led Hart Doors to develop a new version of its Typhoon security shutters range which can withstand wind speeds of circa 165mph.

Hart’s continuing drive for energy efficiency

February 18, 2022

Glasgow’s COP26 conference did much to remind us of the issue of Climate Change. However well-intentioned the debate over two weeks by the global audience was followed by a real, live, reminder that the Earth is very much on the edge with dramatic storms, flooding, forest fires, continuing rising sea levels and melting ice caps. 

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