Quality and Innovation

February 06, 2018

At times, customers need an engineered solution that works time and time again under testing conditions to resolve a problem. This could require high-speed doors, very sophisticated shutters, small Speedors to work with conveyors systems, or very large doors that can withstand high wind forces in exposed positions. There is an almost endless list of solutions to solve the challenges arising today, explains Chris Dobson, Hart’s marketing consultant.

Welcome to our New Site

December 03, 2018

Welcome to Hart’s re-designed web which has been upgraded to deliver information about our industrial door products and systems as well as news about the company and its services.

One Mile Underground

October 06, 2018

Found in over 35 countries world-wide Hart’s range of industrial door applications are a common sight. But there has to be a first and it is found one mile underground. 

Further airport work for Hart takes-off

November 19, 2018

Working with Gatwick Airport and the Beumer Group, which provides fully integrated automated high-speed airport baggage handling systems for small, medium, and large airports world-wide, Hart Door Systems has created a unique solution to sealing a fire shutter around the conveyor without a break in the belt system.


March 06, 2018

Bolton Aerospace, the aerospace, defence, marine, oil & gas and general engineering company which specialises in aluminium bronzes, cast and wrought phosphor & leaded bronzes, special alloys and special high tensile brasses & bronzes has chosen Hart Door Systems’ Speedor Super, the high-speed, automatic door for its ‘goods out’ area to retain heat and reduce the in-flow of cold air to the shopfloor.

Major port mobile hopper system uses Speedor

June 01, 2018

Working with Port of Tyne, Hart Door Systems’ Speedor Storms, the Speedor variant with wind resistance up to Class 5, that is over 90 mph, have been installed on a mobile hopper system which is a key part of the port’s ship unloading procedure. 


July 12, 2018

Hart is also supplying 13 doors at the Templeborough Biomass power plant,  Rotherham. This plant will recycle 260,000 tonnes of waste timber per year and will generate 41mw of electricity which is enough to supply 78,000 homes.


September 12, 2018

This Speedor, manufactured and installed by Hart Door Systems, has been fitted in a pharmaceuticals production facility in Cambridge.


April 02, 2018

Quality and innovation go hand in hand at Hart Door Systems


August 02, 2018

Working at King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah, Hart Door Systems completed an order for 177 fire and security shutters for the baggage conveyor handling system. Hart was responsible for providing a two-hour fire seal on openings in the firewalls within the terminal.

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