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February 06, 2018

At times, customers need an engineered solution that works time and time again under testing conditions to resolve a problem. This could require high-speed doors, very sophisticated shutters, small Speedors to work with conveyors systems, or very large doors that can withstand high wind forces in exposed positions. There is an almost endless list of solutions to solve the challenges arising today, explains Chris Dobson, Hart’s marketing consultant.

Hart delivers high quality solutions across a very wide range of industries, in the UK and also abroad Airport customers, for example, approach Hart for solutions that comply with UK, EU and international standards, confirming the end product achieves a standard that complies with the expectations of its customers and any applicable contractual and legislative requirements.

Acknowledged as a door solutions expert, a company that can be relied upon to deliver results and understand how specific projects are managed, Hart has a proven track record of British engineering and service excellence at, for example, nearly 40 international airports.

Typically the challenge is high-speed operation, as well as protection against smoke and fire and for security. Working with leading international manufacturers of conveyor belt systems, Hart delivers the appropriate shutter solutions.

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