Major contract secured to supply second EFW site in Moscow

June 01, 2021

We’re delighted to announce that we have been commissioned to supply Moscow’s second energy from waste (EFW) facility.

Carl Crossman, project manager on Moscow 2 talks through the development…  

For the past five years (and two months), since joining Hart Door Systems I have benefited from the company’s nurturing and family ethos and its ‘hands on’ approach. I have been closely involved with a number of orders and having shadowed our internationally experienced project manager, Alan Richardson – who has more than 30 years with the company – I’m ready and excited to be leading on the Moscow 2 project.

The specification is to provide 11 of our high-speed Speedor Doors, which have configured electrics, as well as 11 manually operated swing doors.

Moscow covers an area of 2,511 sq km and is home to more than 12 million people, so as you can imagine it generates a high-volume of waste. Until recently, this has gone to landfill. Recognising that this is not sustainable a Russian power plant operator, Alternative Generating Company-1, commissioned four EFW sites to be built over the next few years.

Each 75 MWe plant will process around 700,000 tonnes of waste per annum, meaning that once all four planned plants are built and running a total of 2.8 million tonnes of residual waste per year will be processed.

Part of the electricity will be used to run the plants, making them self-efficient, and part will be fed into the grid supplying power to around 1.5 million people in Moscow.

We were approached by Hitachi Zosen Inova to work on the project. We’ve worked with the company previously, including on the West Mercia EFW facility, so they knew we had the relevant knowledge to provide a suitable and durable solution.

For instance, in the initial specification the requirement was for a 4m wide x 10m high size door but as the facility’s tipping trucks would not reach above 6 metres we suggested, to make it more environmental and resource friendly, that 4m x 6m doors would be far more efficient and cost effective – which the client agreed to.  

Considering the challenges faced by those in the EFW sector, we know that soundproofing and durability are desirable features – which is why multilayer PVC is used in our Speedor Storms to ensure their strength, as well as providing tear resistance, which extends their life spans. The multiple layers, which trap air, also means the door can be used to contain sound.

Speedor Storm High Speed Doors
The speed at which the doors operate also helps to contain noise and odour, as well as keeping out vermin. These benefits enable EFW sites to operate with more care for their local environments and communities.

The tipping bays in use have a considerable drop so door safety is a paramount concern, which is why multiple measures are in place. The first is the traffic light system on each door, followed by our swing gate, which will be manually operated by the truck driver exiting their cab and opening or closing prior to operating the door from within the cab.

The Speedor doors have a wireless safe edge and safety light curtain: if an object or person were to disturb the light curtain beams, the door would stop immediately.

And thirdly the door is operated by a selector switch, which is on the wall close to the door. We have worked closely with the customer to configure the door electrical controls to its interface.

Hart Door Systems has worked on numerous national and international EFW plants over the years and with our extensive experience in industrial door design and manufacture we’re able to create solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

You can read more here about how we address the challenges faced by the waste and EFW sector. Or if you’d like to see how our team can benefit your next project contact us.

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