April 02, 2018

Quality and innovation go hand in hand at Hart Door Systems

It’s all about ‘can do’ at Hart where ‘can do’ is a reflection on the needs of customers which, by and large, can be accommodated by Hart’s broad product range but at times the requirement to solve a particular problem needs an engineered solution that works time and time again under testing conditions.

Upper-most is the ability of Hart to deliver high quality solutions across a very wide range of industries not just in the UK but abroad. Airport customers, for example, come to Hart for solutions and high-quality ones at that which comply with UK, EU and international standards confirming the end-product achieves a standard which complies with the expectations of our customers and any applicable contractual and legislative requirements.

Hart and ‘airports’ is a long-term partnership with Hart being acknowledged as a door solutions expert, “a company that can be relied on to deliver the results and one that understands how airport projects are managed”. Hart has the proven track record of British engineering and service excellence on nearly 40 international airports.

These include Heathrow, where Hart installed forty eight number check-in desks with a unique design, developed for Vanderlande conveyors, combining  features from other Hart products namely fire, security and high speed automatic operation.

Other airports Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Newcastle, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Banjul Airport, Gambia, Baghdad, King Abdulaziz, KSA, Dubai International, Malta, Vladivostok, Bergen, Seychelles,  Jersey, Falklands and Casablanca.

Hart focuses on three specialist areas. The first is Baggage Handling where Hart’s high-speed automatic shutters protect and complement handling and conveyor systems from smoke and fire threats in a frequent operations environment.

The second area is Security/Fire where Hart has a range of security and fire spread prevention shutters with up to one hour rating. The third area is Storage/Access, from roller shutters to high-speed doors up to 6m wide x 8m high.

This product range covers the vast majority of requirements but we remain flexible enough to work with clients to develop systems for one-off installations.

To maintain standards Hart has introduced a formal system of quality practices, contained in a series of documented procedures which meet the standards specified in BS EN ISO 9001-2008. Further there is comprehensive service and maintenance back-up through the company’s own services teams which continue to grow to cater for large-scale service contracts.

Be it for automatic high-speed doors, industrial doors and shutters, fire prevention and protection and security, Hart demonstrates above all customer empathy in the delivery of advanced door systems that are often innovative and engineered solutions for specific problems. It is this ‘can do’ approach with sets Hart aside with other companies within the industrial door sector.

Examples of airport contracts, Hart, working with Gatwick Airport and the Beumer Group, which provides fully integrated automated high-speed airport baggage handling systems for small, medium, and large airports world-wide, created a unique solution to sealing a fire shutter around the conveyor without a break in the belt system.

Usually conveyor systems would have a break in the conveyor to allow a fire shutter to drop through the gap and seal the opening. This can cause an issue with luggage which can become snagged in the gap.

By developing a fully certified fire shutter with an underside enclosed seal, Hart provided the perfect solution with the additional benefit that Hart is the only company in UK to offer either BS or UL compliance.

The Hart designed fire shutter allows for a continuous belt and conveyor system which meets very stringent rules required on fire shutters for conveyor systems and it is the first time that this type of fire shutter has been fitted in the UK.

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