Industrial Doors and Shutters for Museums and Public Buildings

Hart industrial doors help government bodies and local authorities protect their buildings against unauthorised entry, criminal damage, and other security risks.
Buildings and their perimeters are often the first lines of defence against theft and fire. The provisions of physical defence form the cornerstone of basic security, often deterring intruders and allowing first response teams to arrive.  

Hart high-security shutters and fire shutters help protect irreplaceable objects and artefacts within these buildings.

Designing new buildings

Security measures designed into the building from the early stages make it easier to ensure the correct safety and security levels are in place, avoiding changes at a later date that may be costly, and compromise the design of the building.


  • Limiting access into the building
  • Separations of areas e.g. stores, temporary spaces, public spaces
  • Temperature control 
  • Entrance security 

Protecting existing buildings

Existing buildings are sometimes used to house high-value collections. Often, these buildings are not purpose-built and do not have the security requirements necessary for the safe storage of expensive items. If it is not feasible to secure the entire building, the best action is to protect the high-risk items in a smaller area. It is important that the building conforms to the latest legislations. Choosing a Hart custom made door, designed to the correct specification for the building, can help safeguard the priceless history and ensure compliance.

The nature and value of the building contents influence the degree of protection required. However, The Arts Council England recommended that doors and shutters should meet the appropriate Loss Prevention Council Standard LPS1175 Level 4.

Hart industrial doors provide many benefits to government buildings 

  • High levels of security
  • Durability for high usage
  • High quality for low maintenance 
  • Compliant to CE/UKCA 
  • Thermal protection
  • Activation and safety to suit application

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