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Yorkshire Water Security

Hart Doors high security roller shutter for Yorkshire water

Yorkshire Water Security

Hart Door Systems has worked with a number of UK water companies to improve site security and efficiency. It has found that these sites have particular needs which require its engineering expertise. In particular the need to secure remote and often unstaffed but vitally important sites.


This particular water company in the UK had 3 existing un-secure horizontal doors. These existing doors had fallen into disrepair. If not addressed this could have presented a security risk. Motors for example are of particular importance – their reliability determining the effectiveness of the door and ability to secure.

Yorkshire water old concertina shutter


The Hart solution was to install its roller shutters, fitted in a customised way to suit the environment and to ensure security, ease of installation and minimum disruption. One of the things Hart has significant experience in is fitting doors that add security features but without the need for additional structural works.

Disruption was further minimised by working in collaboration with the main construction contractor, scheduling the work to fit in with not only the day to day operations, but other work happening concurrently.

Because of Hart’s experience on sites such, existing vital operations were worked around – which continued during the removal of the old doors and installation of the new.

Yorkshire water Hart Doors LPS1175 High security rated shutter


Several more SR rated doors are planned at the same site, so that the company can replicate the success and the improved security that has been provided.

Hart has gained invaluable experience working with various water companies installing high specification SR rated security shutters. These doors meet an established set of standards to prevent unauthorised access and have been tested and shown to minimise the threat of certain intruder attacks.

For those sites that need constant access by people and / or traffic, the Speedor brand of doors can provide additional high speed operation. Speedor and SR doors can be used in combination to give complete flexibility and the best of both worlds.