Hart Door Systems



SCA Hygiene in Prudhoe are long term customers of a custom service package provided by Hart Door Systems (HDS). This package allows HDS to respond to site faults at the same time as scheduled maintenance therefore minimising unplanned spikes in maintenance budgets.

HDS has provided various doors to SCA over the past 30 years including high speed doors and roller shutters. Some of the first doors installed are still in operation today more than 25 years since installation, which provides huge savings on replacement doors and exemplifies the Hart service package.

Extended Warranty Packages
HDS covers your investment in its door systems against breakdown. This can be for three, five or 10 years. These extended warranties cover all costs associated with replacing faulty parts though accidental damage is excluded. Please contact us for further details.

Scope of supply:
13 High Speed Doors, 8 Roller Shutters and various other door types.
Installation dates ranging back to March 1991.