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Said Salim Bakhresa & Co Ltd

Said Salim Bakhresa & Co Ltd

Hart was contacted by S.S.Bakhresa general manager, Mr Peter Muni, back in 2015 with an enquiry for high speed doors to cover entrances to grain distribution silos in Tanzania.
After a successful visit to the North East, an order was placed for 4 no High Speed Doors. The doors were installed in 2015 by Hart engineers with local assistance from Bakhresa employees.

Further to that order in 2015, S.S.Bakhresa have placed an order for a further 2 doors for another grain silo in Tanzania. This is a testament to the reliability of the first 4 doors installed which are operating very well in conditions with high winds and dust.

S.S.Bakhresa are a part of the Azam Bakhresa Group. The group employs more than 2000 people and is Tanzania’s largest conglomerate.

Said Salim Bakhresa & Co Ltd
4 x Speedor Super (2015)
2 x Speedor Super (2017)