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A large contract is currently underway for TMF Urenco, Capenhurst.

The Contract involves a number of doors including a new product, Speedor Twinblade, designed specifically for this project.  Speedor Twin Blade is a vertically moving door system based on existing Hart technologies. However the key features are focused on air permeability such as high performance compression seals which are electrically and pneumatically operated when the door is closed.  Twin door blade construction ensures efficient and effective separation of contamination zoning. Target air leakage rate is 2m3/hour/m2 at up to 30Pa pressure differential over the door system. Minimum lifespan is 100,000 door cycles.

The Tails Management Facility (TMF) will comprise a UF6 tails de-conversion facility and a number of associated facilities to support Urenco’s long-term strategy for the management of tails pending future reuse.  Completion of construction and commissioning is scheduled for 2017.

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Speedor Twinblade
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