Hart Door Systems

King Abdul Aziz Airport, Jeddah

King Abdul Aziz Airport, Jeddah

At King Abdul Aziz Airport, Jeddah,  Hart Door Systems has completed a large order for 177 fire and security shutters for the new baggage conveyor system. Hart was responsible for providing a 2-hour fire seal on openings in the firewalls within the terminal.

As the conveyors passed through the openings it was necessary to seal above the conveyors and also from underneath and the sides to prevent fire penetration. These implications required Hart to complete a further fire test of a completed assembly to UL standards, a world first.

King Abdul Aziz Airport Expansion will have a final capacity of 70-80 million passengers by 2035. The existing airport is the second-busiest in the Middle East after Dubai with 23 million passengers annually. It was originally designed to cater for only 7 million.

For product details referred to please ask for datasheet 601.

Client:   Vanderlande Industries
Site:       King Abdul Aziz International Airport Jeddah
Scope:   177 fire and security shutters

Refer to Datasheet 601 and 203