Hart Door Systems

Cleanroom doors for Nissan

Nissan Spray bake heavy repair high speed doors

Cleanroom doors for Nissan

Client: Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK

Site: Sunderland

Sector: Automotive

Scope: 10 Speedor Cleanroom doors


Following the manufacture of a new Paint Plant (where we have a number of doors including several ATEX), they identified a requirement for a number of repair lines to enable them to carry out both light and heavy repairs and not have to completely repaint the vehicles.

Having worked on the site since it’s inception, Nissan approached us to supply the doors. These are a “hybrid” Cleanroom with ATEX operators within the repair zone.

A number of months later we were approached by a company who provided a full spray booth, where Nissan had insisted we were specified due to the success of the earlier installations.

The Challenge

Fast-moving environment, need a reliable and also dust reduction solution.

The Solution

Using a tried and tested solution, we installed Clean Room, with modifications, in coordination with Site Engineering.

Why Hart

Hart is a trusted supplier to Nissan (and subcontractors who feed into them). We also work closely with Site Engineers to give them the solution they require, rather than a door to fit an opening.  

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