Hart Door Systems

Amazon Fulfilmment Centre

Amazon Fulfilmment Centre

Amazon is the world’s largest technology company, with one of the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world. Hart installed seven of its Speedor Storm doors to one of its high-volume fulfilment centres in the UK where products are stored, picked, packed and shipped.


The doors were required in a busy area where sectional overhead doors were already in operation. As the speed of access to goods is imperative to efficient deliveries, doors were being left open enabling heat loss and an unpleasant working environment.

The solution

All Speedor Storms, five of which measure 5m x 5m and two 3m x 3m, were installed to the despatch building on busy door openings. The Speedor Storms allow quick and easy access to the openings whilst maintaining internal temperature with its fast open/close action.

Why Hart Doors

Following the successful installation of two Speedor Storms at Amazon in 2016, Hart was chosen as a reliable and trusted supplier. Hart provided expert design advice, specification and installation of the doors to an agreed timeframe while not affecting the distribution process.

Speedor Storm is being increasingly used in high traffic situations where exceptional wind resistance is required. The Storm is used predominately as an external rolling door with a unique guide system offering wind resistance up to class 5 as defined by DIN EN 12424, on larger openings up to 8m x 6m. The Storms are capable of withstanding winds up to 90 mph when closed, making it a robust and reliable system.