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Siemens Power Generation

Siemens Power Generation

Hart was approached by a major engineering design agency in March 2008. They had a client that had a particular problem to solve and asked Hart if they could help.

The project requirement was to built 4 off insulated clean rooms which were to form part of a complicated manufacturing process with in an existing facility. The clean rooms were to have an opening with in the ceiling of 18 meters in length x 4 meters in width which could be closed and sealed at the touch of a button.

Design requirements were: –

Limited space envelope available for the ceiling system.

To seal the opening to clean room standards.

The operation of the ceiling system was also to comply with the relevant clean room British standards.

Emergency manual operation in the event of a power failure was required.

Various design concepts were put forward by Hart and discussed during initial design meetings with the clients building design and structural engineers. Once a final concept was chosen, detailed drawings were produced along with accurate cost analysis. At this stage the client evaluated the project as a whole and confirmed project approval and placed orders.

The chosen solution comprised of a bi-parting insulated panel design which operated from push button station at low level. The 18 meter long ceiling takes 50 seconds to open and close and in the event of a power failure can be hand operated at low level.

Hart manufactured and installed the ceiling systems in line with the agreed schedule and within budget.


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Siemens Power Generation

Design, manufacture, supply, delivery and install and commission of Electrically operated sliding ceilings.