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What is the Difference Between an Internal and External High Speed Door?

What is the Difference Between an Internal and External High Speed Door?

High speed doors provide secure, efficient access control for properties along with a whole host of other benefits such as insulation, climate control and weatherproofing. All high speed doors are effective in controlling traffic due to their fast operation but it’s important to choose the right kind of door to suit the environment. External doors will often be higher specification to ensure effective temperature control and security, as well as protection from various weather conditions, in particular wind.

One of the main differences with an external high speed door is its ability to cope with wind pressure. Internal doors will usually only be able to deal with minimal wind pressure, while external high speed doors will be designed to cope with windy external locations. With some models, though, high speed doors intended for internal use can be used externally, particularly if the doorway is small. Steel inserts within the curtain pole can provide resistance to pressure, making the door more versatile.

In general, external high speed doors will need to provide better wind resistance, better weatherproofing, more security and additional insulation when compared with internal high speed doors. Internal doors will need to meet needs such as preventing cross-contamination, maintaining food hygiene and creating zones as necessary. Both types of doors may also need to control noise with soundproofing properties built in.

Some high speed doors can be used both internally and externally depending on the environment, the opening size and the ways in which the door will be used. This is because many high speed doors have similar specifications for both internal and external use. You can check the door’s intended usage on the relevant specification or datasheet to ensure it will be suitable for your purposes.

Do you need to specify a high speed door for internal or external use? We can help you understand the differences between internal and external high speed doors and find the right option for your premises.

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