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Why You Should Install High-Speed Doors in Your Commercial Building

Why You Should Install High-Speed Doors in Your Commercial Building

High speed doors have many advantages, from energy efficiency and dust control, to streamlined management of high traffic areas. They can be used in a variety of industrial and commercial environments, offering a range of benefits thanks to their flexible and ergonomic design.

These are some of the key benefits of high speed doors:

  • They offer excellent access control and security thanks to their fast operation. They can be used as part of a wider access control system, or they can open and close automatically depending on access requirements and whether the door is internal or external.
  • Improved efficiency. Fast opening allows for the swift passage of traffic while at the same time managing the flow and giving a greater degree of control. The time saved by using faster opening doors when moving around a building will really add up, making a noticeable difference.
  • Excellent thermal performance. These type of doors help to save energy by reducing heat loss – they are open for less time so will better maintain the internal temperature. They can also be used in refrigerated areas to compartmentalise them and maintain the temperature as required. When correctly installed, high speed doors will be fully sealed to minimise heat loss when closed.
  • Vermin and dust control. These doors can improve airflow and prevent the passage of dust and other debris into areas where there may be sensitive production processes, or where machinery needs to operate in a clean and safe environment. This also improves the air quality for people who are entering the building. Thanks to their high speed operation, these doors can also provide effective pest control.
  • Internal and external applications. They can be used flexibly in a range of environments. They can be made to suit internal applications, as well as being robust enough for external use.
  • High speed doors from quality manufacturers are very safe to use and easy to maintain. They can also become a core part of safe working operations, creating a safety barrier between hazardous areas and other parts of a building.

These doors are versatile, robust and reliably engineered, providing many advantages over other types of doors and shutters and offering excellent value for money. We can help you specify the ideal high speed door to meet your needs. Please just get in touch on +44 (0) 191 214 0404, email sales@hartdoors.com or send us a message online.