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Current vacancies at Hart Doors

Hart Door Systems is a dynamic, family-founded, British engineering company which manufactures and installs high performance, industrial, security, fire and energy saving door products.  Key strengths are flexibility, innovation, short chain of command, experience, financially secure and product knowledge.

Established over 70 years ago, Hart now supplies door systems throughout the United Kingdom and exports around the World.  All manufacturing is completed in Newcastle upon Tyne, continuing its long tradition of first-class engineering and accredited to ISO 9001:2015. Hart specialises in turn-key projects including design, prototype development, manufacture, installation and after-sales maintenance.

The Hart team share in the family vision of continual improvement for the collective benefit of employee, company and customers.

Each employee has the following responsibilities

  • If you see something that is wrong do something about correcting it.
  • Be responsible and get things done.
  • Share information and work towards team building.
  • Establish/understand your key performance indicators and maintain this measure so both you and the company know how your performance is measured.
  • Be a good team member, demonstrating loyalty and commitment to the organization and team members and always do your best.
  • To be fully aware of and adhere to the relevant policies and procedures.