Hart Door Systems

High Speed Door – Speedor LITE

Speedor LITE is Hart’s entry level internal high speed door designed for internal use where separation is required in any manufacturing or industrial area with low wind pressure.

This internal fast action energy-saving door is designed for frequent use in high traffic situations. Speedor LITE is simple and fast yet robust enough to run thousands of operations.

Due to the high opening and closing speeds of this rapid door, traffic flow and internal temperatures can be controlled more efficiently.

Providing the wind load is minimal, this flexible door can be fitted with steel inserts within the curtain providing resistance to pressure and can be used on smaller external doorways up to 4m x 4m.

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All drives are GFA Safedrive® hollow shaft units providing as standard high precision worm drives incorporating a safety brake and digital limits.  All wiring will be plug and play for ease of connection. Emergency operation via winding handle. Optional hand chain available.

Control panel

Digital Control Panel to BS EN 12454. IP65 rated. The standard control panel unit is fully fitted with open, close and stop buttons, wireless receiver, two programmable relays and power supply socket. Compatible with control options including loop cards, radio control, traffic lights, wireless safety edges, pull cords etc



Door Dimensions: max 4000 x 4000 mm. All doors are made to measure to specific requirements. For larger doors or windy external locations we recommend the Speedor Storm doors.


Flame retardant PVC fabric 900g available in white, red, blue and grey as standard, other colours available as an optional extra. Optional Vision Panel is available in 1mm thick clear PVC welded into the curtain.  This is normally a 500mm high strip across the full door. View Speedor 900g Fabric Datasheet


The standard door system includes a category E safety light curtain within an IP67 enclosure which protects the required area under the door system to conform to BSEN12453:2001 and ensures a contactless safety system.

Good practice: We recommend that forward warning photocells are fitted between 600mm and 750mm in advance of the door to both sides to act as further safety if pedestrians are to use the doorway.

Further options include traffic or warning lights, Klaxons, presence or movement detection systems. This will provide a non-contact safety system in most cases. 


Easi fit extruded aluminium side guide with internal cable ways in Aluminium finish. Barrel Hood, Motor Hood and Infills can be supplied as optional items depending on requirements.  Available in galvanised sheet or powder coated steel.


System operators are used to open the door, they include induction floor loops, photo cells, radar, hand held or vehicle mounted radio transmitters, press buttons or pull cords. Any of these operators can be used individually or in conjunction with others. They can be used to exclude pedestrians, be a security barrier or open for all. 



Standard opening Speed: 0.49 m/s

Standard Closing Speed:  0.49 m/s

The Speedor LITE has a single speed motor fitted as standard achieving opening and closing speeds of approx. 0.49 m/s

Higher Speed options available:

Single speed up to 0.65m/s opening and closing (Additional safety devices are necessary at this increased speed)

Variable speed opening at up to 1.2m/s

Wind Class

Speedor LITE is designed for internal use, however steel inserts within the curtain provide resistance to pressure and can be used on external doorways particularly on small doors providing the wind pressure is minimal at wind class 0. For larger doors or windy external locations we advise Speedor Super or Speedor Storm doors.

Certification / Conformity

  • Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015
  • Machinery Directive 2008 26/42/EC
  • BSEN 12453 & BSEN12444 the machinery directive safety in use of power operated doors
  • BSEN 12978 Safety devices for power operated doors
  • BSEN 12625 – requirements for the safe installation and use


  • Size: Custom- size up to 4000 x 4000 mm
  • Speed: Variable speed opening at up to 1.2m/s
  • Colour: White, Blue, Red, Grey
  • Safety: Optical touch sensitive safety bottom edge, safety photocells, movement sensors, presence sensors, laser detection, traffic lights, audible warning
  • Operators: Push button, induction loop, photocells, movement sensors, pull cords, hand held or vehicle-mounted radio transmitters, radar
  • Vision Panel
  • Hood and motor hood covers


  • Fast open and close for maximum environmental control and energy usage reduction
  • Unique design, optimising flow of traffic and improving room climate
  • Extremely reliable making them a cost effective solution
  • Galvanised steel construction for enhanced strength
  • Highest levels of safety to protect your personnel and equipment
  • Tested and certified for full compliance
  • UKAC/CE approved for full standard conformity
  • Technologically advanced features to boost efficiency


  • Factories
  • Production Lines
  • Conveyors
  • Storage
  • Distribution warehouses
  • Food Preparation Area
  • Laboratories
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Food Production
  • Manufacturing