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Rolling Shutters & Rolling Doors

When it comes to insulated door products Hart Doors Systems has a range of rolling shutters and rolling doors to suit every application.

Insulated rolling shutters offer an insulation value of 0.69 W/m.sq.K with its 100mm double skin laths, these come in a variety of colours and finishes and are available in steel or aluminium versions.

Insulated sectional overhead rolling doors with 600mm deep and 40mm thick panels offer very good insulation properties at 0.44 W/m.sq.K and come with a choice of track fixing arrangements to suit individual headroom requirements. The rolling doors come with a choice of colours, finishes and accessories.

Insulated vertical Folding doors systems can be supplied as side hung, top hung or bottom rolling from its Phoenix range of doors.

The Swift side-hung bi-folding door, the Osprey top hung door and Kingfisher bottom rolling doors are based on a world-proven design with a 15 year pedigree of reliability in a multiplicity of applications.

Manufactured using high quality components and fully complying with the current European safety standards, the Swift Bi-folding door has been restyled to combine its original robust design with more modern, aesthetic appeal.

Industrial Shutters

Industrial Roller ShuttersModels of industrial roller shutter doors are available to suite all requirements, available all sizes normally up to 10m in width, light or heavy duty wind resistance, low use or high volume operation, standard speed or high speed, plastisol or powder coat in lots of colours, automatic or manual electric operation with safety devices for pedestrian use, all comply with Machinery directive 2008.

Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

Available in aluminium or steel laths for light or heavy use. The standard 88mm steel twin skins with internal insulation is most commonly used, a superior 100mm aluminium section which is thermally bridged and provides a high standard of insulation which is also pre-finished in a wide range of colours.

Speedor Maxi Door

speedor-maxi-high-speed-door Speedor Maxi fabric door for large openings, travelling at max 300mm per second generally slower however it still opens up a very large opening in a short time. The door can be automated to provide the energy saving benefits attained by other products in the range of Speedor door systems. Speedor Maxi is used predominately as a external door it has exceptionally good wind resistance and can be designed for wind speeds of 115MPH.

Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional Overhead DoorsInsulated sectional overhead doors provide increased insulation and thermal bridging properties as well as security. These doors are made up from 600mm high x 40mm thick panels and filled with high density CFC free polyurethane foam providing a U value of 0.44 w/m2k. Sectional overhead doors can be supplied in various forms to suit the building arrangement.


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