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Odour Prevention

Another solution from Hart

Faced with the escape of odours over neighbouring housing, an Essex-based company opted for a solution provided by Hart Door Systems.

Hart’s sales manager, Julian Britnell, explains that an established client of Hart Door Systems, with a depot in Essex, was experiencing issues with vapour and smoke escaping from an open- ended building while lorries were being loaded with tarmac.

More energy work for Hart

Hart Door Systems is supplying  a wide range of sophisticated industrial doors ranging from large high-speed Speedors to sectional doors, roller shutters and insulated roller shutters across two waste to energy sites in Yorkshire.

At the new £200m Hull Energy Works, which covers a 12 acre site and which will be capable of processing 250,000 tonnes of waste a year producing enough renewable energy to power 43,000 homes, Hart will be installing seven doors working with Hull-based Spencer Group.


More EfW Work for Hart

Hart Door Systems' latest contract for the Energy from Waste sector is progressing with the installation of seven purpose designed electric roller shutters for tipping bays at a large Energy from Waste site in Worcestershire. The Hart shutters, designed for safety reasons as well as preventing the escape of odors, all measure 3.8m wide and from 10 to 11m high, each weighing approximately 1,000Kg's.

More Speedors for Thomas Dudley

More Speedors and shutters have been installed by Hart Door Systems at Thomas Dudley's foundry at Dudley, west Midlands. Julian Britnell, Hart's sales manager, says the recent order was for a mixture of Speedor Supers and Minis together with a tube motor shutter with fabric curtain. The Speedors were part of a major overhaul programme for Thomas Dudley's warehouse where the existing storage system was deemed unsuitable as the way forward for the company. "so with this in mind an action plan was drawn up and put into place," says a spokesman for Thomas Dudley. "It was clear that warehouse needed to be a clean and safe environment to work within, with the aid of installing new fast acting doors from Hart doors not only did they look the part with the newly clad walls, but was a major safety feature for all employees and visitors to the company."

Hart rises to the challenge!

Team work from Hart, that is 11 employees brought together to form Team hart Beat for the British Heart Foundation Stampede, raised £1,619.75, inlcuding Gift Aid, by running a 10k cross country adventure battling unique and challenging obstacles. Bravo!

Cleanroom contract for Hart

Working with Kramer Cold Clad, the Tewkesbury-based full project design and build service specialist involved with insulated construction projects, Hart Door Systems has supplied three Speedor Cleanroom doors for a Derby contract which required high-speed doors in an exceptional clean room environment.

Mobile Hopper system uses Speedor

Working with Port of Tyne, Hart Door Systems' Speedor Storms, the speedor variant with wind resistance up to Class 5, that is over 90 mph, have been installed on a mobile hopper system which is a key part of the port's ship unloading procedure.

Materials such as wood pellets are unloaded into hoppers which simultaneously load directly into lorries which drive into the hopper for the purpose. Hart's Nick Hart says the process generated dust which had to be controlled as a residential area was close-by.

Hart goes nuclear - again

Hart has just launched a new double door system for clean rooms which offers superior standards of air permeability. Speedor Twinblade is a vertically moving door system based on existing Hart technologies. However the key features are focused on air permeability such as high performance compression seals which are electrically and pneumatically operated when the door is closed.

Hart goes nuclear

Working with a major operator in the nuclear fuel supply chain, which ends with the sustainable generation of electricity for consumers around the world, hart has supplied several SR4 shutters which are designed to solve extreme security risks. The LPS1175 SR4 high security roller shutters are strengthened to resist an experienced attack for twenty minutes from a range of different tools including axes, mel hammers, chisels, wedges, car jacks, crow and hooligan bars, battery powered disc cutters and jig saws.

New Gulf launch for Hart

Newcastle’s Hart Door Systems has launched its latest high-speed door product at the recent Materials Handling Middle East Exhibition in Dubai. Alan Richardson, Hart’s export manager, is seen here with David Dronfield, general manager, Al-Futtaim Auto and Machinery Company (FAMCO), a member of the Al-Futtaim Group, one of the largest privately owned businesses in the Gulf region.

“We partnered FAMCO on its stand at this important exhibition and the response to the new door product was enthusiastic,” says Mr. Richardson. “The door is suitable for internal, clear, openings up to 4m x 4m. We expect life expectancy to be 1 million cycles and have backed this up with a standard 12 month or 250,000 operations warranty.”


Kerry Foods

Project profile

Kerry Foods, Tenbury Wells, where Hart has been servicing all the doors on the site for the past year. After an initial two week period to survey and repair the doors, Hart reduced its presence to a weekly visit where, in partnership with site management, Hart eradicated all issues – imperative for a food processing site to avoid contamination and to meet all regulations.

At Your Service Says Gordon Kipling

"As a leading industrial door manufacturer, we believe Service and Maintenance back-up for our customers is key to ensuring longevity of the product, prevent interruptions within processes and protect customers from the potential for criminal prosecution in the event of an accident resulting from door malfunction which can be identified as a consequence of poor or a lack of maintenance as a result of a Health & Safety inspection.

What sets us apart from our Competitors are our Staff – Service Engineers are Electricians and are continually updating their skills as both ours and our suppliers products are updated, no other Company can compete as we Design and Manufacture the products.

Hart’s Service and Maintenance programmes, available when purchasing your Hart doors, have many choices - annually (a minimum to comply with H&S Legislation), or more frequently (bi-annually/quarterly) on higher usage Doors.

Hart For Emergency Salt Reserves

Salt barns, the large domed shape buildings so familiar on Britain’s motorways, have been built to house emergency salt reserves that would then be deployed to normal reserve barns should we experience a severe winter and normal stocks deplete. Hart has supplied Speedor Maxis and large roller shutters in a number of salt barns to provide security and fast open/close cycles for the large entrances required for such buildings.

Speedor Cleanroom Cleans Up

Speedor Cleanroom, the recent addition to the Speedor family of high-speed doors, is proving a popular choice for manufacturers seeking a door for frequent use in clean room areas. This is an especially attractive option for pharmaceutical production, food processing, medical, electronics, aerospace and automotive sectors.

Terror Screen Success

Hart’s Terror Screen, the security roller shutter to standard LPS 1175 SR4 and with full third party certification from BRE/LPC, is hitting the mark with customers seeking additional on-site security. “We are listed in the online Red Book directory,” says HDS chairman, Doug Hart. “There are a minimal number of companies approved to Issue 7 of the required standard. “As testing has progressively become more stringent over time this is a considerable achievement for the company.”

Terror Screen is a large and heavy shutter that offers protection up to 20 minutes against a range of actions to break through – enough time for security teams to arrive on site.

The shutter has already been installed at a number of high security locations in Britain including power distribution, nuclear facilities and so on.

Typically large external openings are risk areas so the 20 minutes attack resistance from possible intruders is a huge deterrent. Combined with CCTV, alarms and direct links to police, this is a real deterrent against theft of very high value materials or sabotage of national infrastructure.

Where there's fire... use Harts fire protection

Recent orders have been successfully won by Hart on a number of UK sites including an order for 11 on one site. Hart delivers a range of fire resisting roller shutters, smoke and fire curtains, insulated shutters, steel door sets and so on.

Congratulations on Retirement

We would like to thank George Glover for nearly 11 years of valued service and guidance here at Hart Doors.

Here's to a well deserved and happy retirement George.


Speedor Storm launch

Hart Door Systems has launched Speedor Storm which incorporates a unique guide system which delivers exceptional wind resistance up to Class 5, over 90 mph.

Nick Hart, Hart’s technical director, says the door has been designed for specific applications where large external openings up to 8m by 8m are vulnerable to wind.

“Class 5 matches 12 on the Beaufort Windscale, the highest rating. Two Speedor Storms have been operational in an exposed site in Aberdeen for the last 12 months. This amounted to rigorous testing in a difficult and challenging environment without any issues arising. We achieve this with a reliable and clean in-line drive system complete with integral safety brake. It has variable speed operation and an optional break-away bottom rail with auto reset feature,” explains Mr. Hart.


“Brian Rose has died in a Glasgow hospital when life support was uncoupled. His injuries, following a traffic accident, left him in a coma. He also required an urgent leg amputation. His wife, Barbara, who was also seriously injured after also loosing a leg in the accident, survives Brian and is currently in a Newcastle hospital to be nearer family and home.

"Brian worked in industrial door installation and maintenance from Westerhope here at Hart Door Systems for close to 25 years until his retirement in 2003. Since then he maintained his contact with colleagues whilst doing occasional part time work for us.


Josh’s natural skills

Josh Phillips of Heworth, Newcastle upon Tyne, an apprentice with Hart Door Systems of Westerhope, completes his first self-diagnostic control panel for one of Hart’s recent orders.
Nick Hart, technical director at Hart’s, says he is delighted with Josh’s progress and his enthusiasm for this particular project. “Technology is a vital area of operating sophisticated door systems as we have a policy of continual product improvement through design, prototyping and testing,” says Nick.

“Josh very clearly has had guidance on this project but that said he has used his natural skills to successfully deliver on a technologically challenging task,” adds Nick. “Developing  solutions for clients within the ISO 9001:2008 quality programme means high-end electrical engineering skills which at just 19 Josh has in abundance.”

Two more Speedors for Thomas Dudley

Thomas Dudley, the leading, family-owned, West Midlands-based foundry and plastics business, has installed two more Speedors bringing the total Hart Door Systems’ high-speed doors on site to five.

Julian Britnell, Hart’s sales manager, says the two new Speedors were required for entrance/exits in a new finished-goods warehouse. “The installation is part of continuing improvements at the factory ensuring finished goods are kept clean,” says Julian. “The original Speedors were installed to prevent the loss of heat from the building and by all accounts the building was much warmer as a result.”

Jim Fenlon, works manager, says his previous company also had Speedors fitted. “I knew that these would be the correct solution for us,” says Jim.

Welcome to Building Craftsmen

Working through Building Craftsmen, Hart Door Systems has completed the installation of more Speedor ‘Minis’ at Arla Foods’ production facility at Melton Mowbray.

The high-speed doors from Hart Door Systems, Newcastle upon Tyne, were installed in an existing maturation store following refurbishment. The Speedors act as airlock doors to improve environmental standards due to their fast open/close cycle. In this instance, where Stilton cheese is produced under the ‘Tuxford’ and ‘Tebbutt’ brands, the doors featured stainless steel to facilitate cleaning in a ‘clean-down’ area,” explains Julian Britnell, sales manager, Hart Door Systems.

Three more Rolls-Royce trained apprentices join Hart

Hart Door Systems (HDS), the Westerhope-based specialist engineering company, has appointed three additional apprentices who have all trained at the Rolls-Royce North East Training Centre, Scotswood Road, Newcastle.

The new apprentices join a fourth former Rolls-Royce trained apprentice at HDS bringing the total staff level to over 40.

“This is significant in that 10% of our staff are apprentices. If all businesses could reflect this sort of work-force balance, youth unemployment could be a thing of the past,” says HDS chairman, Doug Hart.

He adds: “We have struggled to get suitably qualified and experienced engineers who can work on the manufacture of a range of industrial door products which we sell on a global basis. These are engineered and sophisticated door systems that operate in a wide range of industrial applications and widely different climates. Above all they are manufactured to stringent international standards.

Hart Bridges the Gulf

Hart Door Systems, the specialist door manufacturer based in Westerhope, Newcastle upon Tyne, has extended its distributor agreement with Al-Futtaim Auto & Machinery Co (Famco), part of the Al Futtaim Group, to cover Saudi Arabia with offices in Jeddah and Riyadh, Qatar with an office in Doha and Oman with an office in Muscat, in addition to its agreement already in place covering the UAE.

High Security shutter launched by Hart

Hart Door Systems, the Newcastle upon Tyne-based specialist door company, has launched a high security shutter which has been tested to LPS1175 SR4 issue 7 standards by the Loss Prevention Council Board, part of the British Research Establishment.

“In simple terms we have designed and manufactured a roller shutter system, which can be up to eight metres high and nine metres wide, that can resist attack by a range of tools from axes to powered dis cutters for 20 minutes without yielding,” says HDS’s chairman, Doug Hart. “To get to this issue 7 level of accreditation at our first attempt speaks volumes for our design and engineering capability. We are only the second company to achieve this the standard in the UK and we have already sold our first door to a user who must remain anonymous for security reasons.”


Doors for the Waste Industry

Moving towards a zero waste economy

For years Hart Door Systems (HDS) has been at the forefront of waste control through its energy-saving range of high-speed, automatic doors under its SPEEDOR brand.

Saving energy is one strand of Hart’s business but increasingly there is demand for door systems that not only prevent heat loss but help operators in the waste management sector to operate sympathetically with their neighbours.

The management of waste is a challenge to control odours, noise, vermin infestation and litter. This can attract wide-spread complaints from the public leading to actions by Local Authorities.

Speedor as an ‘extreme weather’ solution

This Speedor Super was installed by Hart Door Systems at HLC Wood Products’ plant at Upwood Air Park, Peterborough, where the south facing side of the aircraft hangar was sometimes subject to extreme weather due to the exposed position on this former RAF airfield.

HART helps in maintaining temperatures

This automatic high-speed ‘Speedor Mini’ was one of two such doors supplied and installed in just two weeks by Hart Door Systems at the Barnsley site of Cranswick Foods, one of Yorkshire’s largest cooked meats suppliers. The purpose of the doors was to assist in the maintenance of temperatures and hygiene in specific zones whilst allowing operatives regular passage through the openings.

Russian Accreditation

Following on from Hart’s successful accreditation by United Laboratories (UL10B) in the USA to manufacturefire roller shutters of up to four hours integrity, Hart Door Systems have now qualified for the equivalent Russian fire standards ROCT p 53307-2009.


Night at the Museum

One of the largest electric roller shutters ever made by Hart has been installed at Cairo’s National Museum for Egyptian Civilisation. This photograph shows the 12 metres wide shutter being positioned prior to fixing. “A shutter of this size weighs about two tonnes and extreme care is needed to install it,” says Alan Richardson, export manager.

In all another seven shutters have been installed varying in size from 2.5m to 4.183m wide and up to 3m high.

Southern Railway Contract

Hart Doors Systems has completed a major contract to replace old and unreliable shutters at the Stewarts Lane depot, Battersea, which is part of the South Central franchise operated by South Railway.
The £100,000 + contract included the removal of old doors and re-installation of nine doors of varying sizes with largest being 8.5m wide and 4.7m high. Julian Britnell, Hart’s national sales manager, says the old shutters were “ unreliable with a potential to free fall” due to mechanical failure.

Successful IMHX launch of Speedor Cleanroom

Using the recent IMHX show at Birmingham, Hart Door Systems has launched its most recent Speedor variant, Speedor Cleanroom.

As the name implies, this new door is for pharmaceuticals, food, medical/biotechnology, electronics and in general any sector that requires strict cleanroom conditions for production.

Accordingly the door is capable of maintaining strict air leakage requirements over specified pressure differentials. Features include the non-touch safety light curtain as well as a clean in-line drive system with integral safety brake.

A Nice Cuppa

Five Speedor Easycleans have been installed at a major tea production plant at Andover, Hampshire.

Working through ADI Interiors, the Easyclean high speed doors were installed at openings created by ADI to segregate areas where different herbs were stored.


Large Doors in Demand

Working with both Tolent Construction and Northern Construction Solutions, Hart Door Systems has completed the manufacture and installation of five large industrial doors on three sites on Tyneside. One door, at 10m x 12m, is one of the largest the firm has ever made.

Adams Foods choose Hart

Working through Clegg Food Projects, Hart Door Systems’ installation at Adams Foods new facility at Leek, Staffordshire, is an excellent example of the range of doors available through this specialist engineering company.

Bridon Orders from Hart

Bridon International, the world leading specialist in the manufacture of wire and rope solutions for the most demanding applications, has ordered a range of HDS door products for its new factory on Neptune Energy Park, walker, Newcastle upon Tyne. These include several Speedor Maxis, the large version of the well-known Speedor range of automatic, high-speed doors, several steel doors and aluminium insulated roller shutters.

Bespoke Solution Created by Hart

An innovative door design for a baggage handling requirement at Heathrow Terminal 5 has been adapted by HDS to deliver a bespoke solution for a new manufacturing process about to be introduced in a major North East manufacturing facility.

Technical director at HDS, Nick Hart, says the client company required a unique door for a new production unit with a factory. "In brief the doors to be supplied needed to give 60-minute fire resistance and be capable of completing up to 400,000 open/close cycles a year.

HDS Introduces New Identity

To coincide with the development of Hart Door Systems’ new website, a broader identity based on a new logo has been introduced.

“The new website has given us an opportunity to examine our image and while I feel the existing style and in particular our Speedor brand has stood the test of time I welcomed the suggestion that we moved with the times,” says HDS managing director, Doug Hart.

UL Accreditation is a first for Europe

The award of UL accreditation to Hart Door Systems is an outstanding achievement as it represents the first door manufacturer in Europe to gain this internationally- recognised certification. UL is accredited as an IECEx System Ex Certification Body.

This US accreditation under the IECEx System complements UL's existing IECEx System accreditation for UL International Demko A/S in Europe. For the hazardous locations market, 30 countries across Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America are accepting these standards which broaden our ability to get into new and emerging markets.

Middle East Update

HDS continues to be active in the Middle East with more orders being won by the company for a range of door systems from Speedors to fire shutters.

For an undisclosed location four large Speedors have been installed for the Australian Defence Force, more Speedors have been installed in a tobacco processing plant in Dubai and HDS fire-shutters continue to be supplied to various airports throughout Saudi Arabia.

Russian Airport selects Hart

HDS is supplying 14 galvanised fire shutters for a new baggage handling system for Vladivostok International Airport, Russia. The contract continues Hart’s specialisation in airport fire protection and security.

Georgia-Pacific selects Hart

Georgia-Pacific has chosen Hart Door Systems to provide a services contract for its door systems at its plant in south Wales.

Georgia-Pacific is one of the leading producers of tissue, paper, packaging and building products in the world employing over 40,000 people, working in 300 locations in 23 countries. 

More Doors and Shutters for Laing O'Rourke

HDS has supplied a variety of electrically operated roller shutters, securigrilles and steel doors for Laing O’Rourke  for its Pallion Health Centre, Sunderland, construction contract.

Hart Door Systems has worked with Laing O’Rourke on many projects such as the Leazes and Claremont Wings being built around the original Victoria Wing development. The new development not only brings state of the art facilities onto the site but addresses many of the traffic and pedestrian flow issues that have arisen over the years.

HDS Exhibitions

Hart Door Systems exhibited at the recent manufacturing exhibition, Dubai, and at a similar exhibition in Oman. “This is all part of maintaining our profile in the region,” says HDS export manager, Alan Richardson.

HDS at Awards' Dinner

Seen at the recent North East Chamber of Commerce Annual Export Awards were HDS, former award winners, seen here (left to right) Alan Richardson, export manager, HDS, Lord Green, Minister of State for Trade & Industry, guest of honour and Nick Hart, technical director, HDS.


HDS has supplied over 20 doors to NETPark, the North East Technology Park, Sedgefield, Co Durham, one of the fastest growing Science Parks in the UK. The project is supported by County Durham Development Company and County Durham Council among others with occupiers including companies that are developing technology and products in the physical sciences, particularly printable electronics, microelectronics, photonics and nanotechnology, and their application in the fields of energy, defence, and medical-related technologies.

Challenging Contract

Hart Door Systems has completed a contract to supply a range of doors for a major Tyneside facility that the doors to achieve certain u-values to ensure that building was able to maintain its green credentials. HDS supplied two very large Speedor Maxi doors which are 8m wide x 8m high to enable a production flow through the building to take place immediately adjacent to the river in a very windy environment.

Atlantic Islands Choose Hart

One of Harts latest international orders has achieved a successful outcome.  This door positioned in the Bermuda Emissions Control testing station is now installed and fully functional.

Installation was completed by local contractors on site with help from our technical engineer who flew over to Bermuda to oversee to final details.

Installation is now fully complete with the prospect of further doors to be shipped over in the future.

More Work in the Gulf

Another major contract has been won in the Middle East for IFFCO in the UAE. IFFCO is a United Arab Emirates based business house that manufacture and market a well integrated range of mass-market consumer products including food and beverage products. The HDS project involves 32 Speedors and 17 Fire Shutters which are needed for a new production facility in Sharjah for which another two Speedors have been ordered for an existing production area.

HDS Profile

With Alan Richardson, contracts manager at Newcastle upon Tyne-based Hart Door Systems (HDS) heading off for the Gulf and Hart’s sales manager Julian Britnell going to South America, it is clear that HDS is taking its export opportunities extremely seriously.


Browns 2000 & Speedor

Browns 2000 chooses Hart’s Speedor Hart Door Systems has installed a number of its automatic, high-speed Speedors in a new facility that opened at the Browns 2000 180,000 sq ft factory at Cramlington, Northumberland.


Another major contract has been won in the Middle East for IFFCO in the UAE.

More Speedors in Birmingham

Hart Door Systems has installed three Speedors Minis at the Birmingham plant of Dana UK Axle for its new purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility for Jaguar and Landrover.

Mountains of Shredding

Speedor Supers were supplied and installed to a paper shredding area for Iron Mountain.

Speedor cleans up

A Speedor high speed door has been installed at the CLS laundry cleaning depot in Cornwall where an external door, that was in constant use, had mostly been left open affecting internal temperatures and increasing heating costs as a result.


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