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About Us

Hart Door Systems is a specialised engineering company which has pioneered the development of sophisticated industrial doors systems including its world-famous Speedor range which is operational on over 3,500 sites in the UK and in 14 countries world-wide.

As a result of its technical prowess and innovation Hart Door Systems has accumulated an enormous fund of knowledge on the design, installation and management of industrial door systems.

Hart was the pioneer of micro-processor based control systems for automatic high speed doors. This gives site managers the ability to remotely control and monitor system state and record traffic volume as well as making service scheduling easier. In addition, the useful data provided assists in planning work flows within the company.

The Hart control systems also provide sophisticated interlock facilities for environmental control. As energy or carbon taxes bite deeper in the future, energy-management aspects will become ever more important.

Quality Policy

The Managing Director is responsible for defining and documenting the company quality policy, including quality objectives and commitment.

The company recognises that the maintenance of quality standards in our work is the keystone to our success, our reputation, and to the professional satisfaction of our staff.

Hart is therefore committed to a policy which will confirm the end product of its work achieves a standard which complies with the expectations of our customers and any applicable contractual and legislative requirements. To achieve this aim Hart has introduced a formal system of quality practices, contained in a series of documented procedures which meet the standards specified in BS EN ISO 9001-2008.

The intention of this system is to direct company personnel with regard to their required duties, to provide personnel with effective training to allow them to carry out their duties, and to provide sufficient assurance that the work undertaken by the company will meet the requirements of the customer through continuous improvement.

It is the responsibility of the Company to ensure that all staff are fully trained to understand and conform to the requirements of this quality philosophy and its associated procedures.

Hart manufactures to the following standards -ISO 9001/2008 Quality Assurance scheme and LPS 1056 and LPS 1271, Loss Prevention Council Standards for Fire Doors tested to BS 476 - part 22, UL10b NFPA80.


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